Audioshift: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Audioshift work with Android 4 ICS?

For the time being, Audioshift does not work in Android 4.0 a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich. This is because Android 4.0 release overhauled the audio layer from the earlier Android versions, and that in turn closed some key interfaces utilized by Audioshift.

We'll look what can be done for Android 4.0 support but unfortunately it is not straightforward - if it were easy, we'd had done it already.

Possible solution might even require "root" level access in Android 4, which may turn out infeasible for most of the user base... however, if you have strong opinion that solution requiring "root" access would work in your case, then you may try to inspire us by email at ;-).

Why Audioshift suddenly shows a warning that it's not compatible with my device?

This may happen after upgrading your device to Android 4.0 OS from an earlier Android version. See above remark about Android 4.0 support.

Why I can't see Audioshift in Google Play shop?

Audioshift works with Android version between 2.3 to 3.2. If your device has other version of Android, then Google Play does not list the application for your device.

Audioshift does not work in my Samsung Galaxy S2?

Depending on specific model version, some Samsung Galaxy S2 phones apparently bypass the usual Android audio processing layer when playing MP3 files with the build-in media player, and thus Audioshift unfortunately can't make any effect when playing MP3 audio in such devices.


Audioshift Full version used to work ok, but now it suddenly complains about license?

Audioshift Full version uses Google Play licensing system for verifying over the Internet that purchased application licenses are valid. While Audioshift can cache license information for two weeks in case that there wouldn't be continuous Internet access available, Audioshift needs to perform online license verification if more than two weeks have elapsed since previous online license verification.

If you see a message about not being able to check the license, then ensure that your device is connected to Internet when starting Audioshift to allow it perform the online license verification, and then it should then be again happy for two weeks, even if continuous internet connection would not be available in the mean time.

Does Audioshift work with Android 2.2 and older?

No, because Android 2.2 and earlier don't support audio effect interfaces at all. As a workaround, see if Android 2.3 update would happen to be available for your device.

Does Audioshift use integer or floating point DSP algorithm?

Audioshift Full version uses floating point DSP algorithm on those devices whose CPU is equipped with hardware floating point support, and it provides slightly better sound quality than integer algorithm. Audioshift uses integer algorithms on those devices whose CPU does not have hardware floating point support.

You can check which algorithm is in use in "About" window - it tells there if floating point or integer algorithm is active.

Audioshift Free version always uses integer algorithm.

Audioshift sounds rough with Software XYZ

We aim to make Audioshift generally compatible. If you have software whose audio sound rough, please send us feedback and tell about which software you're having trouble with.

This FAQ didn't answer my question

Please send your question to and we'll answer it!

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