Audioshift: User Manual

To begin with ...

  1. Set your Android device to play audio from the audio source of your preference, such as Android Media Player, Youtube etc.
  2. Start the Audioshift application

... and all is set to start rocking! Audioshift controls look as below, try out each contol to test how they work!

Once Audioshift application is started, it stays resident in background in the Android device so that user can continue using other applications. Audioshift adds a new icon onto Android device Status Bar to bring back the Audioshift controls up on the display any time user needs them again:

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for most common questions and answers!

Audioshift Settings

Click Android menu button in Audioshift application to bring up the settings as below:

Please notice that some of the settings are not available in Free Edition of Audioshift. Upgrade to Full version to enable all the settings!

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